Hot Dip Galvanize

What is HDG?
The process of coating iron or steel products with zinc in order to prevent corrosion is called Hot Dip Galvanizing. Before this process, it is important that the product surface is clean and the product composition is suitable for coating. In the fasteners sector, the galvanization process is mostly done in a centrifugal way. Thanks to the centrifuge, the excess zinc that has not reached freezing temperature is removed from the surface of the product. After this process, the products are left in cold water to perform the cooling process.

Our HDG Facility
Asil Cıvata established the fully automatic computer-controlled hot-dip galvanizing facility, with its own R&D team in 2013 and it is still in use. The same team is working today to achieve excellence in coating quality. Our facility is in accordance with TS EN ISO 1461 Standards, and we do not use Pb in our HDG furnace for products thus complying with the European Union Standards. In our HDG furnace, which can galvanize over 1500 tons of products per month, fasteners up to 2 meters in length can be centrifugally galvanized.